Apple Will Replace Port Lightning on iPhone

CALIFORNIA – Apple will replace the plugs (port) which is used in his iPhone smartphone called lightning. The California-based company will replace it with the latest USB.

The Independent reported Monday (06/03/2017), the port of lightning that have been introduced since the iPhone 5, will be replaced with USB Type C Along with its new port, Apple will also bring fast charging feature.

This was revealed by an analyst who is also known as a master astrologer for Apple products, Ming-Chi Kuo. In addition, he also revealed that with the features of fast charging in a USB type C, the charging will be faster than normal.

“We believe the three new iPhone will be launched to support the fast-charging by adopting USB port type C,” said Kuo.

Meanwhile, the next generation iPhone which is predicted to be present will be named iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. Both are refreshment edition of smartphones available today.

While the third iPhone will have a large enough design changes including the use of OLED screens.