BlackBerry Strategy to Rise of Deterioration

WATERLOO – Canadian smartphone vendors, BlackBerry, ready to reclaim its former glory in 2017. To achieve this goal, the BlackBerry prepared some revolutionary steps.

Taken from a variety of sources, beginning in 2015, officially launched the BlackBerry BlackBerry Priv, a phablet slider that adopt the Android operating system with additional security. Since then, the BlackBerry began to adopt Android.

A year later, the BlackBerry phone back in the middle class in the series DTEK50 which has been reinforced by Android 6.0. This series also favor a qualified safety factor.

In the same year, on September 2016, BlackBerry create a historic agreement with Indonesia.

BlackBerry Limited entered into an agreement in a joint venture or the newly formed joint venture, PT BB Red and White, to license BlackBerry software and services to produce handsets for the Indonesian market.

“BlackBerry is no longer just about smartphones, but the intelligence in the phone. Working with trusted partners to expand the reach and availability of software mobility we are safe is a major focus for the division of Mobility Solutions, and this joint venture is one of the next steps in making strategic licensing of our software successfully, “said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO , BlackBerry.

This cooperation proved fruitless with the presence of BlackBerry Aurora. Should be seen if Aurora can be a momentum for BlackBerry to recapture.