Nokia Secret Weapon to Face the Future

HELSINKI – Nokia can be described as a sleeping giant. Had debuted a few years ago, but beaten in the last few years. Companies based in Finland promised to bounce back in 2017.

Nokia began the wake of the May 18, 2016, Microsoft announced the sale of the mobile phone division with the Nokia brand to FIH Mobile, a joint venture of Foxconn and Global HMD. Both partners, together with Nokia Technologies to make your Nokia device.

After getting enough financial support, Nokia together HMD began trying to revive the brand Nokia. One of the marketing tricks do is resell the older Nokia phones that have been updated.

Starting from Nokia 3310 rebranded introduced in 2017. Nokia’s CES event this model has the form of a very classic candy bar with Internet capabilities.

In addition, they are also preparing Android phone Nokia 6 are expected to be rolled at the end of 2017. Nokia 6 is expected to use the Android OS and a variety of advanced features.