This feature Pinned Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +

Many rumors about the features that have been circulating the birth Galaxy S8. But so far from some of the news that broke earlier, most bocoranya has been proven in the moment of its launch in New York, on March 29, 2017.

A new feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +?


The first thing that must be a concern is a matter of design. As we know, this time Samsung change the look ahead at the Galaxy S8 and S8 + with the concept of infinity display.

The latest smartphone screen is now wider with 18.5 scale: 9 resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. At the edges, still visible arch Edge screen that is characteristic of Samsung.

However, due to the expanded screen a physical button on the front has now been eliminated. The keys are usually accommodate fingerprint and home display function is now turned into the invisible home button together with the screen.


Although still using the same sensor resolution at 12 megapikel as in the Galaxy S7, but this time the camera has been getting multi-frame image processing.

With these features, the Galaxy camera S8 and S8 + can take photos at a certain amount and choose the one best results as well as using other photo for reducing blur. Thus the resulting image is sharper claimed.

The feature is useful when taking the picture of the moving object, when the low-light conditions and when performing optical magnification (zoom).

The presence of Assistant Bixby

As known, Bixby is a digital assistant that was originally created by VIV Labs. After officially being acquired, the artificial kecerdasaran now officially used Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 +.

As for some of the points in the possession usefulness digital assistants Among the Voice, Vision, Reminder and Home.

The transition from smartphone to PC screen

Samsung also participated presenting additional service called Samsung Dex. Service that allows the display screen Galaxy S8 and S8 + is on the PC.

With Samsung DEX users can perform activities on smartphones via PC devices such as opening the app, create an e-mail and even edit documents less flexibility if done using a smartphone.

Iris and Face Recognition Scanner

As the devices that were in the executive class, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + is required to have a fairly strict level of security. One embodiment is through locking features iris scanners and face recognition.

With these two features, the user can open his key to the screen by using iris scanning and facial recognition wearer.

Face recognition is itself fairly new to mobile phones in the market today. While the iris scanner, previously also been embedding it on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
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